Distribution Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Your distribution strategy must be defined to get your products or services to market. The distribution channel is a network of organizations that connect the producer with the end-users of goods or services. It is part of your distribution strategy. An effective and efficient distribution channel provides its members with an important strategic edge over competing channels. Your distribution strategy determines how a company reaches its target markets.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Contracts & Bids

Shipping & Logistics




Warehousing Efficiency

Pick Pack & Ship

Product Management

Ordering Efficiency

Distribution & Management

Restructuring & Integration

ERP Utilization

Due Diligence for New Acquisition

Integration of New Divisions/Companies

Restructuring – Sales & Operations

Income Statements Review

Sales/Operational Planning

Sales Planning

Operational Planning

Presentation & Prospectus Development

Route to Market for
Importers, Wineries & Regions

Expanding Markets

Sales Strategy

Marketing Plans

Staff Acquisition

Compliance & Regulatory Documentation with Certification

Federal & State Compliance

We develop standards for federal and state compliance for import and domestic food and beverage products. 

Certifications for Food & Beverage

Certifications for
Food & Beverage

We create the pathway and standardization for an organization to meet and exceed the requirements for certifications.

Audit Management

Audit Management

We manage all aspects of certification as well as regulatory audits for the FDA and USDA as well as certification audits.

Import Regulations

Import Regulations

For importers of alcohol and food we
validate all SOPs for federal and state permit filing and compliance.

Food & Beverage Labeling

Food & Beverage Labeling

Auditing of current labels for federal standards. Validate or create new label standards. Validate statements on labeling for truth in labeling and federal compliance.

A specialized focus on the food industry makes Four Points the ideal solution for food manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers,marketers, restaurants, and retailers. We can customize a package to serve your business efficiently and cost-effectively.